Watch Investment Portfolio Management Service


Fine Luxury Watches are the best-kept secret in investing. Beat The Waitlist is changing that with our personal watch portfolio curating and management service: 'WatchInvest'.
  • Attractive historical returns
  • Direct ownership of world-class luxury watches
  • Portfolio diversity
  • Robust recession-resistance





Inflation can make your groceries, gas, and rent more expensive. However, it has little effect on fine watches, making them the perfect antidote to rising prices


Time and again, Fine Watches weather economic downturns. During the Covid-19 Recession, the Dow Jones and S&P 500 plummeted -22.7% and -19.6%. Fine watches? The only fell -6%

Low Volatility

A carefully curated Fine Watch Portfolio has bond-like stability. You can expect consistent performance even when the stock market takes investors for a roller coaster ride.

Direct Ownership

You only own stocks and bonds on paper. With 'WatchInvest’, you 100% own, keep and get to enjoy the 'non-pecuniary dividend' of actually wearing every watch in your portfolio. You can buy and sell whenever and we will take care of that for you.

Diversified Portfolio

Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are vulnerable to similar factors. If the market tanks, so do these investments. Fine watches' low correlation with traditional markets makes it the ideal portfolio diversifier.



Tell us your goals

Request and complete our questionnaire or chat to us by arranging an online or by phone consultation. We will discuss your desired goals and attitudes towards risk and present different ideas. Your answers will the help us to formulate a report that includes a dossier of watch references we recommend to go forward and build a personalised portfolio that matches your investing goals for any budget over £5000


We build your portfolio

At WatchInvest, our expert watch dealers join forces with our quantitative investment models that analyse thousands of decisive data points. We leverage our national network of connections to purchase investment grade watches on your behalf at the most competitive price.

We can usually complete your portfolio within 2 to 3 weeks. You own all the watches in your portfolio, 100%. You can enjoy wearing and cherishing your collection. Meanwhile, if you wish, you may buy or sell watches whenever you like. We will recommend and advise which pieces to buy and take care of going to the market to purchase the right investment grade watch for you. When you decide to move your investment on, we will utilise our retail and dealer network to sell on your behalf, hopefully making you a tasty profit.


Watch your portfolio grow

It’s time to kick back and relax. See for yourself why fine Watches have achieved 10.6% annualised returns over the past 10 years.