About Us

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"A new way. Honesty and transparency underpin our modern approach to watch trading and we're not afraid to offer advice and talk figures. We've transformed the buying experience with access to comprehensive advice and our 'timepiece handbook' and revolutionised the selling process with our game-changing 'Virtual Consignment' scheme allowing you to sell with greater ease and security than ever before"


Our directors are former Banking industry professionals and have the expertise to watch the market closely/assimilate industry data to offer expert support through your purchasing journey.



Our team is made of up of watch enthusiasts, for us working in this industry and with these timepieces is a privilege and an indulgence of a passion. As such our founder; Vinny implemented the "Fit for me, fit for you policy". This means that we are now very picky with the pieces we choose to offer to our clients and we only buy watches that would be fit for our own collections because why should we have a different or lower standard for our clients?

So what does this mean in practice? How high are our standards? You can now rest assured that when buying from Beat The Waitlist EVERY piece will meet the following enthusiast-level standards:

a) No Rolex Watch, 5 years of age or newer, would we ever offer for sale that we believe has been polished by machine.

b) No watch, whatever the age, brand or price point, would we ever offer for sale that we believe has been over-polished or polished/refinished poorly. Our founder Vinny can't stand this as a collector and therefore just won’t handle them. Over polished watches lose their premium aesthetic, look awful and are poor as long-term investments.

c) All watches 5 years of age or newer will be provided as full set with original boxes and warranty card because there is no reason they should be missing at such age.

d) All watches 5 years of age or newer will be provided with FULL FACTORY SIZE issued bracelets with all removed links provided in the set.



Whilst it is one of our core policies to offer our timepieces at the lowest prices possible relative to other vendors, we never refer to our prestige inventory as ‘cheap’. Central to our ethos is the recognition that our clientele expect an exceptionally high quality service congruent with the luxury status of the watches they buy with us. This is an almost common sense practice that has become lost with many of our competitors since watch collecting has become mainstream and subject of social media ‘hype’.

Our buying experience is further reaching than many other dealers with access to comprehensive investment advice. We provide a ‘timepiece handbook’ with every sale which includes several authentication documents prepared exclusively for your new timepiece. Beyond buying a watch with us we then provide a free investment management service whereby our team are on-hand 7 days a week to offer any timepiece related support/ buying advice/ market insight and quotations for servicing and repair. In short, if you choose to buy your next timepiece with us, you become a a member of our enthusiast community with access to personalised and exclusive services.